Healthy Dose of Dialogue

A Dose of Data-Driven Insights with Dr. Carrie Byington, Executive Vice President and Head of University of California Health

November 12, 2020

At the age of four, Dr. Carrie Byington knew she wanted to be a doctor. Her childhood experience losing family members to undetected and untreated diseases inspired her to improve health outcomes for people in similar situations and has been an essential part of her work ever since. Her passion for science and medicine, along with her resilience and perseverance, has led to a distinguished career dedicated to addressing health disparities and pandemics – from the measles outbreak to the Zika virus and now COVID-19. As Executive Vice President of University of California Health, Dr. Byington joins host Don Antonucci to explore the role that data plays in driving focused interventions, lessons learned from past pandemics, and the most effective ways to transform health care for all.

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